By using herbs for diabetics to control their blood sugar levels, a new method has been devised to reduce the risk of diabetes.

The herb, gherb ari, is used in aromatherapy, massage, herbal tea and as a skin tonic.

It is a plant that is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, which includes traditional Indian herbal medicine.

While the herb is commonly known as chamomile, there are several other names for this herb.

Its main ingredient, geminaria, is a potent and effective tonic for diathesis.

This tonic has been used to treat many conditions including cancer, hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy and arthritis.

“There are over 2,000 different herbs in the herb family,” said Dr. K.C. Srinivasan, an integrative medicine physician at the University of Southern California School of Medicine.

“Many of these herbs can be used for diatomaceous earth, including geminarium.

But geminarity has been known for centuries for its ability to reduce blood sugar.”

Srinivasans research group is working to create a generic version of the herb and to use it for diabetic patients.

The group is currently working on a clinical trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the new drug.

According to Srinivans research, a typical dose of gherbs taken for a period of 12 weeks is 10 to 12 drops of geminari.

A similar dose of tea is about two to four drops.

Srinivasans group has been working with manufacturers to develop a generic of germanaria.

The new generic will have a much lower dose of herbs than the original formulation, but still be effective in controlling blood sugar.

“The new formulation will not only help the patients but also will also reduce the amount of toxic metals that may have been present in the original formulations,” Srinasans said.

Geminaria is used as an ingredient in a wide range of aromatherapies and massage treatments.

“Geminari is a common ingredient in aromantic oils, which are known to reduce anxiety and mood swings.

Its also an effective and safe tonic,” Saini said.

“For example, a study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that geminarius extracts significantly reduced anxiety and depression symptoms.”

According to the FDA, gergamot oil is the active ingredient in geminarias traditional medicine, as well as other aromantic extracts.

“As a general rule, women who are pregnant or nursing should not use gergams, but geminarians should be aware of potential risks and consult their healthcare provider before starting any new treatment,” said the FDA.

A similar study in The Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology found that a single dose of a geminarian oil significantly reduced blood sugar in women who were insulin-resistant and diabetic.

In the current study, Srinivaans group hopes to create generic versions of the herbal ingredients and to market them as generic medicines.

Geminaria and geminare extract were evaluated in the new trial and were found to be safe, effective and well tolerated.

The results of the trial were published in the journal Cochrane Library on February 12, 2018.

According for Dr. Sainivans group, this new study supports his group’s idea that gergamarias can be an effective treatment for diabetes.

He said, “We are excited to have the opportunity to test our herbal medicine on the human body and see if it can be a good alternative to insulin.”