The first-generation BotVac can take out the most dangerous and harmful of pests, but it can also be used to clean the most sensitive areas.

“It’s a little bit more sophisticated than the other ones, but we didn’t want to just replace a robot,” said David Ewers, founder of the company.

The company, which is based in Germany, began developing BotVacs when it was founded by Ewies, a pharmacist.

Ewes said that it took a year to design and manufacture the first one, and the company currently has about 50 in production.

The device, which can withstand temperatures as low as minus 20C, has the ability to spray or spray-in a way that can be controlled by the user.

“If you are inside a plant, you are not protected against insect bites,” Ewens said.

“If you put the BotVAC in a pot, you can’t get bitten.”

The BotVoc, which comes in four different colours, is available in three versions: a white one with a built-in alarm; a black one with an integrated alarm; and a red one with two different alarms.

The company is also working on the green one.

Ewens told Al Jazeera that the company is currently looking to expand into the medical field, and he is also looking to create a botanical-like product.

“We’re trying to figure out how to make something that will not kill you,” Eweers said.

“The best thing you can do is treat yourself with this.”

BotVacs can be fitted with sensors that can detect allergens, temperature, humidity and water and water vapor.

They can also measure humidity levels in the air, and will automatically notify you if there is a leak.

If you want to use one, you just need to put it in your home, put the lid down and then open the valve.

“They’re very quiet and it will not alert you when you open it,” Ewer added.

“It’s not that loud.”

Ewers also said that the device has the potential to be used in a variety of settings, and that the system is also being tested in other countries.

“There are some countries that don’t have an established botanical market yet, and we are trying to develop it in these countries,” Ewarms said.

For the next couple of years, the company hopes to release the product in more countries.

The team at is hoping to get the product into more countries before the end of the year, Ewets said.

The BotBots are being used around the world by individuals and families, and Ewests said that he hopes that the market for the products will grow.

“I think there is enough interest in BotVaca to go to the market,” he said.