Herb Almanot is taking a leave of absence from the Board of Supervisors to focus on a medical practice.

Alpert, the former head of the state Department of Natural Resources and the former chair of the Board, said he is taking the leave of the board to focus fully on his medical practice, the Associated Press reported.

Almanott, a former state Assemblyman and the founder of the nonprofit advocacy group the California Greenhouse Gas Initiative, has been a vocal critic of the governor’s plans to close the state’s only remaining coal-fired power plant in favor of natural gas, and is one of the few lawmakers willing to hold him accountable for his comments.

Almannot said he believes the plant closure is a step forward and that the governor needs to get his act together.

Almanact said in a statement that he was disappointed with the governor and his team, which failed to consult him and the public about the plant’s closure.

He also questioned the governor about the governor saying he has an emergency power of attorney that could allow him to declare an emergency and shut down the plant.

The governor has said he has no emergency power.

Almanson said in an interview on WAMU on Wednesday that he did not think the governor has the legal authority to declare a state of emergency.

He said he was surprised that he had been overlooked in the process and that he would have thought that someone with his experience would have been considered.