The New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins have the chance to end their playoff drought this season.

All three teams have at least a 3-1 record and have playoff aspirations, and all three have at minimum two wins.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is among those who are in the running to win the Super Bowl, and the team’s defensive dominance has been one of the biggest reasons why.

It should also help the Patriots, who have been struggling in recent weeks.

A 4-2 record, a 4-1 mark and an undefeated record in the NFC East is what the New England team has needed to climb out of the division cellar.

They’re also not far off their record in both conference games, and Brady is one of only three quarterbacks in NFL history to have a .500 or better record in five consecutive games.

The Patriots are one of two undefeated teams left in the division with the Philadelphia Eagles, who also have a 3,000-yard passer in Carson Wentz.

The Eagles also have five games remaining in their regular season, including three against the Patriots.

The Jets are also in the race for a division title.

They have a 2-2 mark and a win over the Washington Redskins in the second game of their home stand.

They also have games against the Philadelphia Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals.

The Jets have a bye this week, but are on the road to Seattle and the Dallas Cowboys.

The Giants have two games remaining, including a game against the New York Giants.

The Cowboys have three games left, and are on a three-game winning streak.

Dallas will face the Seattle Seahawks in Week 17, and then at home against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 20.

The Dolphins have a 5-2-1 start and are tied with the Colts for first place in the Eastern Conference.

Miami has won five straight games and has two of the top three games of the season, but they still have to face the New Orleans Saints in Week 15.

The Colts are tied for third place in their division with a 5,000 yards passing game.

They are on pace for 3,890 yards passing.

The team is also coming off a bye week, and have three more games left in their season.

The Eagles are one win away from making the playoffs for the first time in three seasons, but their current 3-2 start is far from ideal.

The only way the Eagles could get out of that cellar is if Brady is a Super Bowl MVP candidate.

The Browns have one game left to finish the season.

The Browns are currently 1-2, but could be a contender if quarterback Josh McCown is healthy.

The defense is also improving, but that has to count for something.

The Saints are also 2-3 and have two of their final three games against division opponents on the docket.

The offense is starting to click, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to close out the season for New Orleans.

The Redskins have one more game left and have to close it out against the Seattle Seahawks.

Washington has won two straight and has one of their two wins coming against the Seahawks.

The Cowboys have a win at Minnesota and a loss at Tampa Bay.

The Titans are also still a win away.

The Titans have lost three of their last four games and have four of their five losses coming against divisional opponents.

The Raiders are one game behind the Titans in the standings and could be looking at a difficult road trip this week.

The Jaguars have a game in hand on the Seahawks, but have a lot to play for to get there.

The Jaguars are a division rival, but the Seahawks are the division’s top seed and have won five of six.

They will face off against the Texans in Week 16, and they will face Jacksonville again in Week 19.

The Panthers have a road trip with three games remaining against the Titans, Saints and Saints/Cardinals.

The Panthers have been the best team in the league over the last two weeks, and it’s not a stretch to believe they can get their next two wins over the Titans and Saints this week in order to secure a spot in the playoffs.

The Raiders will face one of those two teams in Week 13.

The Rams have lost five of their past six games and will need to beat the Cardinals and Saints in the next two weeks.

The Seahawks have a tough road trip coming up, and should have a very tough time getting out of this division cellar if they want to do so.

The Ravens are a team on the rise.

They currently have a 7-3 record and a three point lead in the Baltimore AFC North.

They’ll need to win out to clinch the division and keep themselves in the playoff picture.

The Packers have lost four straight and are currently 2-4.

The Packers will have a two-game losing streak against division foes and could get one more win over division rival New Orleans before they are out of reach of the playoffs