With the advent of the Greenhouse Revolution, it’s become easy to live without the green menace of herbicides, herbicides and pesticides.

And there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic about the health benefits of herbals, too.

Here are six of our favorite herbs that will help you stay on track with your diabetes management.1.

Green Sage1.

A natural remedy for heart disease2.

The herb’s heart-healthy effects are backed by science3.

Its high in antioxidants4.

It contains potassium and magnesium5.

Its antioxidant-rich properties make it a natural anti-inflammatory6.

A green sage may seem like an unusual herb, but it’s really good for your heart and brain.

Its leaves contain a protein that can protect against oxidative stress.

The herb is also known as green sage, a common name for its leaves.

It’s a popular ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal tea.2.

Green Thistle2.

A herb used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine3.

A healthy source of magnesium4.

Green thistle is a perennial herb that grows in the Mediterranean, and it’s high in magnesium.

It is a great addition to your diet if you are trying to lose weight, or if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Its rich in vitamin B3, which may help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.3.

Green Tea3.

An antioxidant that helps protect your eyes, skin and nervous system4.

This herb is a natural remedy that can help protect your heart.

Its antioxidants protect the body from oxidative stress, which can lead to disease.4.

Its plant-based, and uses no animal products5.

A source of vitamin C and vitamin E6.

It may also help you keep blood pressure under control.5.

Green Thyme4.

A traditional herb used to treat headaches, fatigue, insomnia and stress.

It has been shown to have antibacterial properties and help lower the risk of cancer.5