If you have been caught by a police officer trying to sell you a drug, you may be in for a very long wait.

The drug dealer’s lawyer is challenging the case of the American man who was stopped at the border and was charged with selling a synthetic drug to a man in the United States. 

The man, who cannot be named, told the BBC he had been arrested at the Mexico-Canada border last year while trying to cross into the US.

He was denied entry and later charged with drug trafficking and illegally possessing drugs. 

He says he was stopped by US border agents while he was trying to enter the US with a friend. 

“It was the biggest shock of my life,” he said.

“They said I was in the country illegally and had to leave.” 

But Mr Urban said he did not understand what was happening at the time and was given a false name.

“They gave me a fake name and then they took me into a holding area and searched me for hours,” he told the broadcaster.

The drugs had been found, and Mr Urban was released after six days.

The lawyer, however, says he has not been able to return to the United US, where he was arrested.

“They had a warrant for my arrest and they asked me to come back to the US, but I was unable to because I had a drug charge,” he says. 

Mr Urban was also detained at the airport and charged with a drug-related offence. 

However, he was able to get bail and was able travel to the UK, where a judge granted him bail. 

Now the lawyer is suing the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in federal court in New York.

He says the officers used false name to stop the man and then lied to him about the nature of the drugs.

“I have a real fear of going to jail for this,” Mr Urban says.

He is also suing the American government for what he says is negligence and over-reach. 

CBP declined to comment. ABC/wires