In order to get every herb on your herb garden in one pot, you’ll need to spend an afternoon in the garden, and then a good morning with your herb bud to get the best results.1.

You’ll need an herb pot.

We’re talking about a large, deep pot or a smaller pot.

That means a larger pot for the herbs and a smaller one for the soil.

That’s what we’re talking here.2.

You need a watering can.

We’ve heard many reports of gardeners using a lawn watering can for their herbs, but we’re here to show you that watering a weed in a pot with your herbs in the water isn’t always the best idea.3.

You’re going to need a spade.

Spades are handy to have around your herb pot, but don’t forget to have a spacer handy as well.

We also recommend a few extra spades to keep the herbs from getting crushed or being pulled apart by your herb pots.4.

You’ve got a spadget, too.

While it may sound like an easy job, getting the herbs into a pot is one of the most difficult parts of your herb preparation.

Spadgets work well for a number of different types of herbs, and we’ll be getting into some tips and tricks on how to use one in this article.5.

You don’t want to get your hands dirty.

We’ll be talking about how to get each type of herb in one dish and using the spade, but the best way to get everything in one go is to go straight to the pot.

If you’ve been to a local garden store recently and you see a pot of herbs on sale, you may want to check out the online herb garden store on, or you can order the herbs directly from the seller and pick them up from your local grocery store.6.

You want to be able to control the heat.

It’s not as important as you might think, especially for beginners.

The herb will burn and get scorched if you don’t have a good spade and the water can get hot, but that’s okay.

If you’re still confused, try our herb cooking guide to learn how to make the perfect pot of garden-grown herb.