Herb Chambers, a brand-new, all-natural brand of herb-crusted chicken breast, is the newest addition to the vegan food movement.

The brand is selling out of its stock in stores, but the company has announced it will expand to Whole Foods and Amazon this summer.

The company says it has been inspired by its customers’ love of the taste of their favorite brands.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer a new brand to our loyal customers and to give them a taste of what the best is in the world,” says Stephanie Glynn, director of product development for Herb Chambers.

The meatballs in the product are made from fresh herbs, which come from the flowering of the herb’s stem, which is called the mushroom.

These mushroom buds and stems are then dried and ground into a paste that is infused with a blend of ingredients, including garlic, oregano, and chives.

The resulting product is called Herb Brooks and it’s available in a wide variety of flavors.

It also comes in a variety of forms, including a vegan-friendly version, a gluten-free version, and an animal-free product.

The mushroom and the mushroom-based sauce are available as a vegan and vegetarian product, and they can be combined with rice, quinoa, and other ingredients for a vegan meal.

“The mushroom sauce is one of our top sellers, but we also sell the mushroom meatballs as a meatless, meat-free, and gluten-freewheeling recipe.

So there’s a wide array of vegetarian and vegan options,” says Glynn.

Herb Chambers has also introduced a vegan, vegan-free and gluten free version of the product, but it is limited to Whole Food and Amazon stores, and only in a limited quantity.

The vegan version of Herb Brookes costs $3.99 for two servings, but that’s just for the mushroom and mushroom-brined sauce, not the meatballs themselves.

That is because they are made with a special blend of ground spices and herbs.

These spices include ginger, cardamom, turmeric, oreggio and basil, which give the sauce a mild spicy taste, but they are not included in the price.

“If you are looking for a delicious and healthy alternative to meat and meat-based products, we strongly recommend using the vegan version,” Glynn says.

Herb Brook is available in Whole Foods stores and Amazon.com as a Whole Foods exclusive.

There’s also a vegan version for sale on Amazon.

The two products are sold in a number of grocery stores and specialty food stores, as well as in specialty food outlets and at farmers markets, grocery stores, gas stations, and drug stores.

Glynn tells Foodie that Herb Chambers is hoping to expand the brand to other food outlets.

“Our customers love Herb Chambers and want to be a part of it,” she says.

“As a brand, Herb Chambers can offer many different ways to make the perfect meal and have them on hand.

With our new line, we are bringing our herb cooking experience to other grocery stores that we serve.

We have an amazing lineup of herbs and spices that we love to cook with and share with our customers.

We’re also excited about the idea of sharing our herbs and herbs-based cooking with other brands.”

The brand has launched two new vegan and gluten friendly versions, the vegan herb sauce, and the vegan mushroom sauce, both of which are available in the Herb Brookers section of the Herb Chambers website.

The product is currently only available at Whole Foods.

Herb Chamber says the vegan versions are not available at the retail outlets because the mushrooms and mushroom meatball are still raw, and some of the herbs and other spices used to create the sauce are not vegan.

“At Herb Chambers we know that some of our customers like to cook vegan, so we want to give our customers a way to cook their own delicious, healthy vegan recipes with the freshest ingredients,” Glyn says.