How to make a person respect you by raising your voice if they disagree with you.


Ask yourself what they are thinking.

Do they have a valid point of view?


Ask what you can do to change their mind.


Be persistent.

This will make them change their tune and respect you more.


If you don’t have a solution, then give them a call.


If they don’t want to talk, then ask them what they can do.

This could be a simple “I’m not interested” or “Can you stop talking?”.


Don’t give up.

Keep at it.

It’s not always easy to get people to agree with you, so do your best to keep going.

If someone says they are uncomfortable, or is not willing to talk about it, then try to make them feel that way.

If people are genuinely uncomfortable, it will help you get them to agree.


When you get to the end of the call, try to have a laugh.

Laugh when you can.


If there is nothing to talk over, then tell them you would love to talk more.


When they are done, try talking to them a bit more.

If that doesn’t work, then be honest.

If it does, then make sure to listen.


If things are not going well, ask for their permission to change the topic or stop talking.

If this doesn’t help, then let them know.


If the conversation gets too long, ask them to leave.

It might be better to leave and go somewhere else to talk.


When someone starts to get uncomfortable, then offer to take them somewhere else.


If possible, offer to leave first, but only if they want to.

If not, leave.


If everything works out, then leave the room.


If, after leaving, they still can’t seem to get it to go away, then consider changing the topic, or going somewhere else altogether.

If nothing works out then try asking them to stop talking and asking them if they are okay with that.


If an argument breaks out, do not go on to talk to them further.

This is normal and not something to get upset about.

If anything happens, just leave.

If a fight breaks out after a disagreement has been resolved, then you need to do something about it. 17.

If your argument is too heated, leave the argument, and ask if there is a way to work out a peaceful resolution.

If no one wants to talk then ask the person to leave so they can go home.


Don´t try to settle things by asking them how they feel.

They should feel comfortable to talk with you and that’s what matters.


If everyone is fine with each other, then they should feel free to talk further.


If their partner says they will stop talking, then go home and tell them to come back and talk.

If nobody is there, then stay in the room and wait until the person is back.


If something happens that would make them uncomfortable, you can call them.

If these situations are not resolved, leave and talk to your partner about what you should do. 22.

Do not try to persuade someone by talking.

They need to be able to make their own decision about what to do. 23.

Do you agree or disagree with the way someone behaves?

Then you need them to talk directly with you about it and explain to you what they mean.


If we are not talking to each other because of the issues you have, then we can’t be talking.


Do we agree or agree with eachother?

We need to have the right to make our own decisions about what we want to do and what we are willing to accept.


If somebody is upset about something you are saying, then listen to what they say and take action to change it. 27.

If anyone tells you they don´t like something you say, then do not believe them.


When a situation has become contentious, then it is time to make sure you have an explanation for what you are doing.

If neither of you can agree on an explanation, then that is the time to call it off.


Don¿t try and get someone to agree to everything you are asking for, but do try to be fair.

DonT be afraid to make suggestions and ideas that you think they might like.


DonTs are not rules, they are simply a set of guidelines.

If I give you an example of a rule, then I will have to follow it, and you might find it helpful to make some suggestions for what to make it a little bit different.


Don’t get angry at me if I tell you something I don’t like.

Sometimes it takes time to change an idea or a view.


Do your best