Herb Chambers has been making herb grinding devices for years and now it has its first new device for 2018.

The Herb Chambers BumbleBee Herb Grinder combines a small herb chamber with a full-size herb grilling device.

The herb grinders are small and compact enough to be carried in a pocket or purse.

It’s a perfect device for those who don’t have a full kitchen but still want to have herb grinders on hand.

Herb Chambers uses the herb chamber to grind out herbs and seeds to provide nutrients to their food.

The grinder also has a lid on top that can be used to store herbs or seed.

Herb chambers also work with any herb or seed stock and can be set to grind a specific amount of the product at a time.

The device will cost $130 at Herb Chambers.

Herb Chamber will be launching a new herb grimmer with more features later this year.

The new Herb Chambers Herb Grinders are available now for $140.