By Mark PurdyPublished Mar 02, 2019 06:14:08The NHL has announced that its outdoor food offerings will expand to include outdoor vendors at the upcoming trade deadline.

In addition to its NHLPA sanctioned outdoor food program, the NHL is also adding two new outdoor food concessions to its outdoor ticket and merchandise offerings, which will start this season.

The new concessions will include a full menu of burgers, hot dogs, hot and cold sandwiches, and salads, with more to come.

Tickets for the upcoming season will be on sale on March 2, 2019, and there will also be a new food concession in the Fan Zone on the first day of the regular season.

The NHL is expected to announce new concessions this week at the NHL Winter Classic in Denver.

The two new concessions, the first of which will be the $1.25-per-ounce hot dog, will be sold at concession stands in each team’s stadium.

The team that signs up first in each NHL market will receive the first $1-per in concessions.

The second concession, which the Chicago Blackhawks will receive in each market, will offer $2.50 per burger and $1 per sandwich.

The Chicago Blackhawks also announced the opening of a new outdoor concession store in the United Center.

The NHL has been promoting the opening and opening of its first-ever outdoor food concession store, which opened in September 2018 in the West Village in New York.