Chevy, the American automaker, is selling the Chevrolet Chevy hybrid to a Chinese company, which says it will use the car to produce ethanol.

Chevy said it will make ethanol from soybean meal, corn starch and sugar cane, which it says will help meet the country’s energy needs.

The company’s Cheval-brand hybrid was unveiled last week.

It’s a hybrid with a hybrid drivetrain that takes over the drivetrain when not in use.

Cheval’s Cheveroids are designed to be plug-in hybrids, which means the engine is not connected to the electrical system.

Cheveys can be used for everything from light-duty pickups to light trucks, SUVs and SUVs with heavy-duty engines, but the company doesn’t offer any hybrid-only models.

The hybrid-hybrid model has a maximum range of 100 miles, with the full range at 110 miles, according to the company.

The Chevy Chevey Hybrid has a 6-liter V8 engine with 1,700 horsepower and 1,300 pound-feet of torque, which can be paired with a gasoline- or diesel-powered version.

The electric-hybrids will be more expensive, but they will offer much more range than the hybrid models, which the company says will have a range of about 150 miles.

Cheves is trying to make the electric-vehicle market viable.

The Chevevy Hybrid will be sold in China as a “plug-in hybrid” and be able to be sold with both gasoline and diesel engines.

But the company is not planning to sell a full-electric hybrid vehicle.

The new model has the same powertrain and engine as the Chevrolet Volt, but will have “no carbon footprint.”

The Chevrolet Cheval Hybrid will have more advanced safety features, like lane-keeping assistance, lane departure warning and automatic braking.

Chevrolet’s new Cheveyrhy Hybrid is designed to blend seamlessly into the Chinese landscape, with a base price of $69,990, according the automaker.