By now, you’ve probably heard of the food trend of the year, but what you may not know is that it’s actually quite a long time since we last saw anything quite as insane.

In fact, it may be the most insane food trend we’ve ever seen.

We all know the trend has been around for quite some time now, but did you know that it is even more insane than we previously thought?

Read on for our list of the craziest food stories of 2017, and let us know in the comments what you think.1.

The best and worst of the most absurdly over-the-top food stories in 20171.

Munching on a “Giant” Pepperoni pizza from Brooklyn, New YorkA few months ago, the restaurant chain, which has locations in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, DC, began to take orders for the “Giants,” a massive pizza stuffed with a mix of pepperoni and sausage.

After getting one order for the Giants, one customer called in and asked for an order of the “Sausage Stuffed Pepperoni.”

The customer, who identified herself as “Sarah,” was then told to order a different pizza and that “the Giants” would be on their menu.

The order arrived and “Sarah” was asked to put down the $18 order.

When Sarah returned to the counter, she was shocked to find that the order had been “delivered to the restaurant,” which was “the same exact location.”

Sarah was so angry that she immediately started to yell and yell, and when the employees attempted to help, they realized that “Sarah’s” order had already been delivered and the employee who had delivered it, identified as “Mike,” was nowhere to be found.

The employees were so angry at this that they took off their shirts and began yelling at Mike.

“Please, get your ass back to your room, Mike!” they shouted at him, before exiting the restaurant.

Sarah was then escorted out of the restaurant by her employees, who “came over to me and said, ‘Are you okay?'”

Sarah told CNN, adding, “I just felt like they were trying to get me out of there.”

Sarah is still upset about the incident and says she will be making a post on Facebook about the situation in a few days.2.

The worst and best of the strangest food stories on RedditThis year, Reddit users have been sharing some of the weirdest and most ridiculous food stories online.

In this case, a Redditor posted a video of a man eating a pizza from a chain restaurant called “Ghetto Pizza.”

After getting the order, he proceeded to eat it.

When the customer was brought back, he informed the restaurant that he had no idea who the man was.

After the pizza was gone, the man, who was not identified, said he would “never do that again.”

This prompted a heated discussion on Reddit.

“I know that I am not the only one to be disappointed in this experience,” one user wrote.

Another user replied, “That’s the point.

I don’t want you to do this to me again.

The customer was in the wrong.

He didn’t deserve that.

That’s the real problem.

You shouldn’t eat at a restaurant where you think a customer is a customer.”3.

The most bizarre food stories we’ve seen in 2017There’s no doubt that we’re a strange and strange place, and it’s no wonder that there are so many bizarre food tales to be told.

From the food that is truly out of this world to the bizarre and terrifying tales of people who have literally died in their sleep, here are the crazier stories of the past month:4.

The bizarre and bizarre food story of the month: The “Crazy Egg” from the United StatesThe story of a couple who are in the United Kingdom, who have found a bizarre and seemingly normal item.

While it may not be as unusual as some of our other stories, it’s definitely worth a look.

The “crazy egg” is a popular item in England.

It is made by grinding a piece of bread into a ball, then pressing the ball into the mouth of a cow.

The cow is then fed a mixture of butter and egg.

Once the cow has finished digesting the “egg,” the cow is killed and eaten.

However, the “crazy” cow will not be eaten, instead being eaten by its owner.5.

The strangest and strangest news stories of 2016: A man with autism was sentenced to death in the USThis story is actually pretty funny, but it’s one of the more bizarre ones.

According to CNN, the mother of an autistic man was sentenced in the state of Louisiana to death on Monday for the murder of her autistic son.

According for the story, the son had been diagnosed with autism at age 3 and had autism spectrum disorder and severe language impairment.

He had been living with his parents in an apartment