Toyota’s new Leaf will have to wait until 2019 to have a full-blown public unveiling.

The automaker has been teasing the car for years, but the details of its unveiling have remained in flux.

This week, the company finally revealed details of the car at the International Auto Show in Detroit.

That announcement came two weeks after the automaker unveiled its 2018 lineup, but it wasn’t until Monday’s unveiling that the details were released publicly.

The new car is based on the same platform as the 2018 model year, but with a different engine, transmission, and brakes.

The car’s design is a direct reworking of the 2018 version, with new headlights, a more powerful electric motor, and a new, larger front grille.

The changes are largely cosmetic.

The cabin is still based on that 2018 model, but all the interior features are now in the new model, including a redesigned infotainment system.

The interior of the new Leaf is lighter, and the interior feels more luxurious than before.

The Leaf has also received a redesigned, more comfortable steering wheel, as well as a new safety system.

These changes will likely add some time to the car’s production timeline.

It’s likely that the company will announce more details of this car in 2019.

That’s when the company expects to make the first Leaf deliveries.

Toyota will unveil the new car at a special event on March 7, 2019.

The company says that the unveiling will be streamed live on YouTube.

We will have more information about the unveiling at the show.