President Donald Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka Trump told the New York Times she would be “the best of her generation” in 2020, and said her mother would be proud of her.

The comments were made during a wide-ranging interview with the Times on Friday as she announced she will run for the U.S. Senate in 2018.

“My mom’s the best,” Ivanka Trump said.

“She has an incredible heart, and I think she would love to be the first woman president.

And she would definitely be the most powerful woman in the world.””

I’m going to be able to do the job and be the greatest, most powerful person ever,” she added.

Ivanka Trump was asked about the controversy surrounding her father’s past sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore, a Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama.

She did not directly address the accusations against her father, but she did say that her mother was “not the first person to have been abused by a powerful man.”

“My mother was a survivor.

And my mother never once ever doubted that she could make it through and that she was going to make it.

I’m going be able, I’m a survivor, and she will be proud,” Ivanka said.

She added that her father would “absolutely be proud” of her, saying that her grandmother was a “tough woman” who “never gave up.”

“She did everything she could to protect my mom, and that’s why I’m so proud of my mom,” she said.

In December, the White House released a statement that said President Donald J. Trump “never, ever engaged in sexual misconduct with anyone.”

Trump has denied the allegations and called them “100 percent false” and “a total fabrication.”

He has repeatedly called the allegations “fake news” and accused Democrats of using the accusations to gain “political advantage.”

“The fake news media is working overtime to make this a political football,” he tweeted in October.

Trump’s oldest child, Ivanka Trump, has taken to Twitter in recent days to call out the media for the accusations, saying she and her mother have “never been the targets of sexual misconduct.”

In her statement, Ivanka said she would run against Moore in 2018, adding that she and the president “love each other.”

“We will be together in the White Houses halls of power and make the country great again, together, as women,” Ivanka wrote.